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Gibsons Online supply a wide range of Battery Fencers Products including Vulcan fencer from Gwaza, B20 battery fencer from forcefield and cheetah cub battery fencer. Browse Battery Fencer products online today.

The Vulcan fencer from Gwaza is a versatile fencer that can work of a 12volt battery or of the 230v mains. It is a handy fencer for small to medium fencing setups and is suitable to hold back cattle and sheep, It is suitable for use all year round as it is weather proof. It comes with a low battery warning light to help the user know when the power on the fence line is low and also is supplied with an earth and mounting stake, earth and fence connector. It is also supllied wit a battery connector and UK plug and lead.

Our B20 battery fencer from forcefield is a very popular and versatile mid range fencer. It is suitable for all types of livestock containment. It comes with 3 setting options to select different pulse rates by choosing the appropriate mode. During the night it has the ability to reduce the number of pulses to half automatically, in turn extending the life of the battery. This fencer is ideal for strip grazing as it is portable and easy to install in different locations. It is suitable for all weather types as the control unit is sealed to IP65 ratiing. Always remember to remove the battery when not in use and store safely to protect your fencer. This fencer comes with a 3 year manufacturers guarantee. 

While the Cheetah cub battery fencer is a versatile fencer as can work of both the 9volt dry cell batteries and the 12volt wet batteries. The set up for both ways of use is as simple as the change of a lead. It is a popular fencer for strip grazing both cattle and sheep, capable of powering up to 1.5km of fence line and an capacity of 0.2 output joules. This fencer comes with an earth bar, output leads and a battery.

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