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Gibson’s Online supply a wide range of Calving and Lambing Equipment such as Gloves Latex Blue, Iodine, Lamb Resuscitator and Milkbar Teats.

Our Iodine is a superior quality strong iodine solution with 10% Iodine active. Perfect for drying wounds and umbilical cords at lambing and calving and is available in Sizes 500ml with trigger pump, 1Litre & 2Litre.

While our award-winning Lamb Resuscitator is a hand-held device that is used to clean the respiratory passages and pump air into the lungs of struggling new-born animals. They are designed to be used by farmers when a new-born lamb finds it hard to breathe. The resuscitator comes with a carry bag, 2 masks and a pump. This is a life saving device and an essential item to have in any lambing shed.

The Milk Bat teat is a unique slow feeding teat designed with an internal web and an inverted nipple. Together, they control the flow rate of a calf feeding as it would do naturally on its mother. This teat is designed to stimulate the slow, natural sucking action that the calf needs for correct digestion, specifically designed with a narrower teat diameter for easier pull through attachment to feeders. It is recommended that the new born calf must drink from a new Milk Bar™ teat, ensuring maximum salivation. If the calf moves to a peer group pen, the teat should be relocated in the group feeder to follow the calves development. Benefits include Calves nurse naturally, Helps prevent scours, Helps prevent pneumonia and Reduces cross suckling.

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