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Gibsons Online supply a wide range of Animal Minerals and Animal Supplements including Boluses, Drenches,Cobalt, Chanatol and Sacrolyte.

In our selection of Drenches, we supply Cobalt B12 from Natural Stockcare which is a highly concentrated liquid supplement for the nutritional maintanance of healthy animals. It contains the essential trace elements cobalt, selenium and vitamin B12 and is suitable for both cattle and sheep. It helps to promote healthy rumen function in cattle and sheep. 

Our Agrimin Sheep Bolus Applicator A, is the approved applicator for use with the smartrace boluses, while our Animax Tracesure Selenium & Iodine is a popular ruminal bolus for sheep.

At Gibsons Online, we stock a range of top quality Animal Minerals and Supplements including Calciject 40+3, which is used for the treatment of hypocalcaemia complicated by deficiency of magnesium and Magniject which is a magnesium solution used for the treatment of hypomagnesaemia in cattle and sheep.

Shop our range of Drenches, Boluses and all of our Animal Minerals and Supplements and if you have any queries or questions, get in touch!

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