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Gibson’s Online supply a wide range of Animal Clipping and Shearing Equipment such as the Lister Fusion Clipper, Jakoti Hand Shears and the longhorn wide comb.

The Lister Fusion clipper is Lister Shearing's brand-new machine and it allows for more control with its variable speed, running at either 2500rpm or 2900rpm. This machine is perfect for cattle clipping and also for shearing small flocks, dagging and belly clipping of sheep. It's 360w motor makes it a powerful clipper that is able to cope with difficult coat conditions and is great for using on cattle.

Our Jakoti hand shears are sharp, smooth and easy to use.

These superb shears are really comfortable to use even after extended use. They are light and the spring provides optimal tension. They are manufactured out of high-quality carbon steel which keeps its edge and the self-sharpening design means consistent, sharp cuts every time with minimal effort.

The ergonomically designed handles are comfortable for long periods of use and the low-tension spring makes them easy to operate.

The longhorn wide comb from Horner Shearing are the most popular type of comb designed to be compatible with all sheep breeds and shearing jobs. They are suitable for both the novice shearer and the experienced shearer with the rounded teeth on our short bevel combs make them safe and easy to use and are designed to flow easily through open wool.

Shop our range of Clipping and Shearing Equipment today and if you have any queries or questions, get in touch!

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