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Gibsons Online supply a wide range of Flies & External Parasites products including Spot On 1Ectofly Pour On and Bayticol Pour at Gibsons Online.

Our popular Spot On is used as topical application for the control of both biting and sucking lice and biting and nuisance flies on cattle. It also controls ticks, lice, keds and established blowfly strike on sheep. Administered by one spot on the mid-line of the back at the shoulders as directed on the dispenser or applicator gun pack.

Ectofly is a clear blue pour on solution. It is used for the treatment and control of head flies, and treatment of tick infestation. It is also used for the treatment of biting lice and the prevention and treatment of blowfly strike in sheep. It has a blue coloured dye added to the liquid which makes it easy to see the sheep that have been treated, this dye is temporary and will fade from the fleece withing 48 hours of application. To be applied with an ectofly pour on gun.

While our Bayticol Pour on is used for the control of ticks, biting lice and sucking lice and psoroptic mange in cattle.

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