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Gibson’s Online supply a wide range Dehorning Equipment such as the Buddex Battery Operated Dehorner, Stockholm Tar Spray and Dehorner Gas Refills.

The Buddex battery operated horn remover uses proven Buddex technology in a new ergonomic design. This provides a humane way to remove calf horns using a unique focal ring that reliably prevents horn growth. The high temperature or 700°c and the burner ring means that dehorning is complete in a couple of seconds. There is no burn risk for the user as the heat-up phase only begins once pressed against the horn bud this battery-operated dehorner can heat up to 700°c in just 7 seconds.

Our Coyle’s Stockholm Tar Spray is an antibacterial tar that provides an effective protection against biting insects such as horseflies, stable flies, black flies and most other insects. It can be applied post dehorning to cuts and cracked hooves. The aerosol can contains a ball bearing which helps to keep the tar within the aerosol mixed giving it a uniform concentration of product.

This gas dehorner refill is a cylinder bottle used with express gas dehorners. Simply put into the slot and screw the canister to lock it in and release the gas.

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