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Shop Gibsons wide range of Boluses products including the Agrimin Sheep Bolus Applicator, Animax allsure cattle boluses, Animax allsure sheep and lamb boluses, All Guard 4 in 1 bolus and much more.

Our Animax allsure cattle boluses is an intra-ruminal bolus that supplies the treated animal with four essential trace elements, copper, iodine selenium and cobalt. Each bolus will supply the treated animal with these elements for up to six months from a single dose. Allsure boluses are easily given to ruminant animals with the aid of the specially designed Animax Applicator. Once administered the bolus will enter the animal’s rumen/reticulum and will lodge there. Once lodged the trace elements leach out from the bolus at a safe rate. 

Gibson supply the popular Animax allsure sheep and lamb boluses which are used in sheep when trace element supplementation is needed. These boluses do not include copper so they are suitable for copper sensitive breeds. They are a complimentary mineral feed for sheep and lambs. These boluses contain Cobalt, Iodine and Selenium, these trace elements are released slowly using a leeching system that will slowly release the minerals over a six-month period. Allsure Sheep and Lamb boluses are ideal for supplementing sheep when copper is not required or for copper sensitive breeds. These boluses can improve your flock’s health, performance, vitality and reduce your concentrate use. 

The All Guard 4 in 1 bolus from Mayo Healthcare is a multi-trace element bolus for ewes and rams. It has a slow release which lasts up to 6 months and gives a regular supply of cobalt, iodine, selenium and zinc to the animal. It delivers the essential trace elements which are needed for the main phases of breeding, lambing, growth and thrive in ewes and rams.

The Agrimin Sheep Bolus Applicator is the approved applicator for use with the smartrace boluses.

Keep your animals healthy with Gibsons range of Boluses products and if you have any queries or questions, get in touch!

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