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Shop Gibsons wide range of Drenches products including Cobalt B12, Sacrolyte, Supergrow and much more.

Cobalt B12 from Natural Stockcare is a highly concentrated liquid supplement for the nutritional maintenance of healthy animals. It contains the essential trace elements cobalt, selenium and vitamin B12 and is suitable for both cattle and sheep. It helps to promote healthy rumen function in cattle and sheep. Cobalt B12 can help to increase productivity and profitability as a deficiency in cobalt/vitamin B12 can cause many problems.

Gibson supply the popular Sacrolyte which is used to stabilise the electrolyte and water imbalance in calves and pigs during stress. Scour prevents the absorption of fluids and essential vitamins and minerals, leaving the animal week and dehydrated. Sacrolyte is made up of easy to absorb carbohydrates, chelated vitamins, minerals and trace elements which replace these vital electrolytes and minerals lost during this period. It also possesses a unique gelling agent which has the ability to retain water and slows down the movement of undigested food through the gut.

Supergrow is a vitamin and mineral trace element drench for cattle and sheep. It is used to boost performance in cattle and sheep. It also helps to increase thrive in lambs and calves. It can be administered orally with a drenching gun or can be added to feed on an individual basis. Cattle and calves should be dosed at least every six months. Sheep should be doses once, repeated in one month and then at 6-month intervals. Under performing animals may be dosed at 4-week intervals. 

Keep your animals healthy with Gibsons range of Drenches products and if you have any queries or questions, get in touch!

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