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Browse Gibsons Online's selection of Mains Electric Fencers including our range of Cheetah Electric Fences and Forcefield Electric Fences.

The cheetah super mains electric fencer is a popular fencer with dairy farmers. It covers 100 Acres / 32Km. It is used for cattle, sheep and horses with an output of 7 joules. While the cheetah M60 mains electric fencer is perfect for large farm boundaries, covering 200 acres / 72Km. It is used for sheep and bull control with an output of 15 Joules.

Our Electro power mains electric fencer comes with both high and low putput terminals. Suitable for cattle and sheep it is capable of covering 30 acres / 24km of high tensile wire. It has a capacity of 4.2 stored joules and 2.5 output joules.It is EU A11 + A12 compliant.

We also stock the Vulcan fencer from Gwaza is a versatile fencer that can work of a 12volt battery or of the 230v mains. It is a handy fencer for small to medium fencing setups and is suitable to hold back cattle and sheep, It is suitable for use all year round as it is weather proof. It comes with a low battery warning light to help the user know when the power on the fence line is low and also is supplied with an earth and mounting stake, earth and fence connector. It is also supllied wit a battery connector and UK plug and lead.

Other popular Mains Electric Fencers products include The Electro power EPM100 mains electric fencer and the Gwaza Odin Mains/Battery Fencer 9002.

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