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Gibson’s Online supply a wide range of Animal Handling Equipment such as Bull Rings and Spiked Milk Sucking Preventors.

Our copper bull ring is used as an aid for the handling and controlling of bulls. It is a hinged ring which is secured together with a small screw which breaks off after being inserted. It is easy to apply using the correct method and appropriate equipment, usually to young bulls between 9 & 12 months of age.

While our spiked milk sucking preventor’s are used during the calve weaning process or to prevent a calf sucking at another calf. These help to reduce the stress associated with weaning as they allow the calf to remain with the cow. The milk sucking preventor is fully adjustable and lightweight so as not to annoy the animal. They are attached to the nostrils of the animal that is sucking another animal. The spikes on the MSP will annoy and irate the cow and she will move away from the calf and not let it suck. This will mean the calf will be weaned easier and with less stress as it will still be with the cow. When the Milk Sucking Preventor is not needed, it is easily removed and can be store away until it is next needed. Available in plastic or metal.

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