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Gibsons Online supply a wide range of Fencing Equipment including Electric Fencing, Fencing Wire and Battery Fencers.

In our Electric Fencing section, we have Underground Cable which is a high tensile, double insulated cable recommended for use with all electric fencers to carry all current from the energiser to the earth bars and fence line to prevent loss of current. It can also be used for breaks in fence lines for example across roadways or gate ways. It can be used above ground or underground made with durable plastic it gives the cable a prolonged lifespan.

Our Polytwine is made is made from uv protected plastics which gives it an increased product lifespan. Its white colour makes it easy seen and avoided by livestock. It also has 9 strands of steel wire for good conductivity of the electric current, and can be used with both mains and battery fencers. Our Polytwine has a commendable breaking strength of 6.

Our Fencing Wire includes our popular Estate Scorpio Barbed Wire which is made from 2life wire which lasts at least two times longer than heavy galvanised wire. It comes supplied on wooden reels for strength and ease of disposal, and with hessian handles to be easier to carry. It is ideal to be used on the top or bottom of stock fencing, use as a three or five strand cattle fence or for use with security fencing.

In terms of Battery Fencers, our Gwaza Vulcan 12v/230v Mains/Battery Fencer 9003 is popular and is s a versatile fencer that can work of a 12volt battery or of the 230v mains. It is a handy fencer for small to medium fencing setups and is suitable to hold back cattle and sheep, It is suitable for use all year round as it is weather proof. It comes with a low battery warning light to help the user know when the power on the fence line is low and also is supplied with an earth and mounting stake, earth and fence connector. It is also supllied wit a battery connector and UK plug and lead.

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