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Gibson’s Online supply a wide range of Animal Marking & Identification Equipment such as Marking Spray, Ram Harness, Marking Sticks and Marking Fluid.

Our Marking Sticks are crayons based on special waxes and paraffin oil using high-quality pigments to achieve an excellent colour quality. The sticks are set apart by effective writing capability on hide, temperature stability, colour intensity and high luminance. The ingredients are harmless for humans or animals. Animal marking sticks are used for short-term marking, primarily of cattle, sheep and pigs. The marking remains visible on the upper back of cattle and sheep for approx. four weeks, on pigs one to two weeks.

The ram harness has been designed to deliver strength and comfort without sharp edges that could cut or chafe the ram. They feature a unique crayon holder design which ensures firm, secure crayon retention, and accepts most leading brands of crayons.

While our Ritchey dales marking fluid is a versatile high quality, long term fluid for use in wet or dry conditions. It is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and available in two sizes 2.5L + 5L.

Shop our range of Animal Marking Identification Equipment today and if you have any queries or questions, get in touch!

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