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Gibson's Online stock a wide range of Work Gloves including our range of Latex Gloves, Showa Gloves and much more.

The Showa Gloves are a comfortable flexible glove, resistant to abrasion and protect your hands in damp conditions.They are breathable at the back of the hand to reduce sweating and have a rough coated palm which gives great grip for wet and oily tasks. Suitable for the agricultural, constructions and horticultural industries. 

These nitrile gloves are made from a 100% synthetic rubber, they provide superior resistance to a range of chemicals and solvents. These gloves are suitable for users with sensitivity to natural rubber latex. They have textured fingers which help to provide a good grip on dirty parts and tools. Blue nitrile gloves provide a large range of users with ideal hand protection. Approx 100 gloves per box.

We also supply Disposable arm length gloves for use with vets and farmers and our heavy duty nitrile gloves are engineered to provide you with the ultimate grip due to their diamond textured palm and high visibility orange color. These 7 mil heavy duty nitrile glove is powder-free providing superior comfort, fit and strength. Ideal for automotive, agriculture, marine, industrial, plumbing and floor processing usage.

Shop our range of Workwear today and if you have any queries or questions, get in touch!

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