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Gibsons Online supply a wide range of Animal Drinkers and Feeders including our JFC Drinker and our Kerbl Plastic Drinker at Gibsons Online.

The JFC DLB4 drinker is a 4-litre water drinker made by JFC from durable double wall plastic for extra strength, it is fitted with and enclosed float valve and a 50mm drain of plug underneath for easy emptying.

Our Kerbl Plastic Drinker is a low-priced float bowl made of polypropylene with water inlet 1/2 inch from left or right incl. drain plug which makes it easy to clean.

The 1 Gallon grey plastic buckets are ideal for calving and lambing pens. They are the perfect fit for bucket ring holders and great to use for feeding water or milk. They are a strong but leightweight bucket.

While our Gripmax MV12 1/2" fast fill mini valve has an adjustable arm and full flow. The MV12 mini valve is reliable and consistent and suitable for both high and low water pressure.

Shop our range of Animal Drinkers, Feeders and much more today and if you have any queries or questions, get in touch!

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