Castlehill 20kg

Castlehill 20kg

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Product Description

Sinclair McGill Castlehill = Long-term dual-purpose mixture.

Castlehill is a long-term ley with rock solid performance. It is suitable for most soil types and climates. It has superb disease resistance and produces excellent feed for all types of livestock. Castlehill grass seed will deliver the performance of a medium-term ley combined with the persistence of a long-term ley. Castlehill provides reliable top-quality cutting and grazing. Castlehill Grass Seed is treated with Head start Gold which helps to improve establishment, increase plant stand and get your new ley of to a vigorous start.

Suggested Seed Rate:  13 - 18kg/acre (33 – 45 kg/ha)

Guide Cutting Height: 7.5cm (3 inches)


*** This product can only be shipped within ROI ***

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