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Gibson’s Online supply premium Disinfectants including Multi-purpose Iodophor Disinfectant.

Our FAM 30 Disinfectant is a Multi-purpose Iodophor Disinfectant. Suitable for use against Equine Flu virus. Approved by the Department of Agriculture. Effective against the causative organisms of TB, Brucellosis and other Diseases

This is an Iodine based disinfectant which is DEFRA approved for foot & mouth disease, pig & poultry farming, general orders and approved for aquaculture.

Our Farm Disinfectant kills Bacteria, Viruses & Fungi and is active in the presence of organic matter and at low temperatures, making it ideal for use as a foot dip disinfectant.

Biodegradable, stable and safe in use making it Economical to use.

Contains a powerful detergent allowing cleaning and disinfecting in one operation and is widely used in livestock, poultry and the fish industry.

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