Geared Reel 400m (with or without wire)

Geared Reel 400m (with or without wire)

Product Description

This geared reel (3:1 ratio) is the ideal fencing accessory. This reel is available as pre-loaded with 400 meters of 8 strand stainless steel polywire or empty as a plain geared real. The geared reel also comes with an insulated quick attach handle that makes the job easier and faster. The geared reel is extremely durable and comes with a heavy-duty gear box to ensure longer life.

*** This product can only be shipped within ROI ***




  • Geared reel comes pre-loaded with 400m of 8 strand, stainless steel polywire
  • Fast wind in and out makes the job faster and easier
  • Have duty gear box for longer life (3:1 Ratio)
  • 400m of stainless steel polywire
  • Quick attach insulated handle



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