Shell Rimula R4X 15W 40 Diesel Engine Heavy Duty Oil 20L

Shell Rimula R4X 15W 40 Diesel Engine Heavy Duty Oil 20L

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Product Description

Shell Rimula R4X 15W 40 oil uses exclusive combinations of the latest high-performance additives to ensure that the oil adapts and protects under the full range of pressures and temperatures found in modern engines - from the high temperatures in the pistons to the extreme loads found in the valve-trains.

Shell Rimula R4X oil is formulated with Shell’s innovative Dynamic Protection technology, which features an advanced additive system that adapts to your engine’s specific requirements. This helps to provide protection in three key areas:

acid and corrosion control: It protects against corrosion by controlling the acids formed as the fuel burns1

wear control: It maintains strongly protective oil films to keep critical engine components working.1

deposit control: It resists high-temperature oxidation, thereby keeping engines clean from deposits1

Shell Rimula R4X provides:

Up to 50% better engine cleanliness1
Up to 50% more cleanliness control, i.e., less engine sludge, in different parts of the engine has been demonstrated in key engine tests for meeting US and European specifications.

Up to 50% better acid corrosion protection1
Shell Rimula R4 X is proven to give up to 50% more protection in engine and laboratory tests and field trials under real-world truck driving conditions.

Up to 30% better wear protection1
In the Mack T-10 engine test, Shell Rimula R4 X demonstrated up to 30% better wear protection of engine piston rings and cylinder liners than required to meet the API CI-4 specification.


SAE viscosity grade: 15W-40

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